Pension Harutsugedori

Happo-one Hakuba Nagano JAPAN
Small hotel accommodation

tel :+81-261-72-5088  Please speak slowly.( English )
mail ( English )

Room Information:
Total of 9 rooms. 4 western type private rooms with beds. 4 mixtype(beds & Japanesestyle mezzanine) 1 Japanese type.
TV. towel(small and large). teeth brush and paste.
Internet WiFi Free.
English speaking staff :Mr KOZO Izumihara
Prices per person :TAX(10%) Per one night stay .
●6,800 yen (a room with toilet) & tax 10%
●7,000 yen (a room with shower & toilet) & tax 10%
There is a season surcharge.The bed make-up is done every two night stays.
Towels are exchanged every two night stays.
Check-in 15:00~22:00
Checkout ~10:00
The key to the front door is closed at 23:00.
Please return to the hotel by 23 o’clock. Thank you.
Some lift ticket:We’ll recommend to buy it after a weather forecast is checked at Hakuba. Because there are also a day when it snows and a windy day in Hakuba.Happo-one/Hakuba 47/Hakuba Goryu etc.
We’re preparing a discount ticket.
Western type meals —
Restrant menu
Dinner: some dishes of soup, salad, fish, rice, meat and dessert are served in turns at dinner, [3,000yen & tax10%]
Breakfastdishes for salad, egg, ham/bacon/sausage, bread and butter, cups of coffee or tea and jam for breakfast. [1000yen & tax10%]
Payment info :
Cash and credit cards (Visa/Master) accepted.

MAP : Area : Echoland  Hakuba, Nagano
adress : 3020-818 echo-land hokujyo kitaazumi Hakuba, Nagano
Nearlest bus stop is Hakuba base camp.
About 200m 3~4min by walk.
close time :
The key to the front door is closed at 23:00.
Please return to the hotel by 23 o’clock.
We’d like to offer quiet night and good sleep to a customer.
The person who goes out after 23 o’clock in the evening use other hotels, please.
from airport:
Introduction of very convenient bus & taxi from airport.
The bus from Narita at 20:30 is scheduled to arrive at Hakuba at 1:30, but please do not use it.
Check-in is not possible because it may be delayed from 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes due to traffic jams and snow. of very convenient bus from airport.
taxi at HAKUBA
0261-72-2221 arupusu-daiichi TAXI
If you are using the train or using the bus from Nagano Station, you can make a reservation from inside the car. Make a reservation according to your arrival time.
Tell them your name and the color of your clothes. It will be easy to find you.
Nearest Station :
①JR Hakuba station. —5min by a Taxi.
②shinkansen Nagano station —1.0 h by ”alpico bus”
you must getoff the bus Happo infomation center.and 5 min by a Taxi.
Nearest EXP way Interchange :
Nagano EXP way -Toyoshina IC -60mins by car
Jyousinetsu EXP way -Nagano IC -60mins by car
Hokuriku EXP way Itoigawa IC -60mins by car
Train Info :
From Shinnjyuku sation to Hakuba station
3.5~4.0h by ”super Azusa”
From Tokyo station to Hakuba station
1.5~2.0 h by ”shinkansen Asama” arrived Nagano station and 1.0 h by ”alpico bus”Narita-airport to tokyo by Narita express
Tokyo to Nagano by Nagano-sinkansen
You can check time table
Bas info:
From Shinjyuku station to Hakuba Happo busstop
4~5 h by a bus.
Please get off a bus at Hakuba hapoo infomation center.
Ski Resorts :
Happo one skiing ground. 3min.
Hakuba47 &goryu skiing ground. 6min.
there are free shuttle bus.
there are busstop near hear.
Meals Provided :
Breakfast and evening meal possible
We will limit on weekdays, and receive the order of meal.
Please consult.
Washing Facilities :
There is coin laundry. 5min by walk
We recomend there is big coin laundry. 10min by Taxi
(washing machine & drying machine)
In the AEON Big market. and near the postoffice “shyabon ”
Rentals :
there is rental shop , 2min by walk. “Spicy Rentals ”
there is big coin laundry. 10min by Taxi
Web Booking
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 Pension Harutsugedori
3020-818 echoland hokujyo hakuba kitaazumigun Nagano
TEL 0261-72-5088